Wall Art 

This work represents a new departure for me by using ceramics as a true artistic medium. New for me since, I have been making functional earthenware for some twenty years. Using photos, either ones that I have taken or family photos of images that I have looked at for all my life. I have combined my ceramics skills to make a purely emotional interpretation of clay and glazes by making these wall pieces. 

    The images are transferred to the clay tile ”boxes” using a rudimentary method of photo transfer (carbon paper). This affords me the chance to develop my brushwork and each tile is a painting.

Combining this with working the image on the computer to create large-scale versions of the photo. I have expanded the work to become wall mosaics.

    When using the family photos and reinterpreting these images, I feel I have revealed the mystery and emotion in the photos. Although they are images, which are intensely personal to me, I feel they make the same emotional connection for the viewer. It seems that they are universal images that everyone can connect with from either the individual Polaroid portraits or the blown up family photos. There is a bit of nostalgia, which I bring to their interpretation. Giving them a sepia tone view of ones past but relishing in the spontaneity and mystery on ones memories.